Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ok, so I am going to TRY and make a conserted effort to blog slightly more frequently, maybe. lol

I have been busy lately :) It's a good thing but I guess I just end up forgetting about the modern woman's version of a journal. Wow...I guess the modern woman is not so concerned with privacy! lol

Anyway, I am on a new CT now, for Nikki Scott, she really has some adorable products and they are a great quality, and I just new I would love working with her things!

I will share some CT LOs next time. For now, I had to share a great recipe from Bakerella, that I made last night for dessert. They were so darn easy and so yummy. I did things a lil different in the mechanics of it, but I did follow the recipe, and it was yumm. Even the dh liked it lol.

Here is the pic of my version, they are mini cherry chessecakes

If you want the recipe, check out the post titled, "Super Easy Mini Cherry Cheesecakes" from Bakerella's BLOG.


  1. Privacy? What's privacy?
    Isn't a blog meant to be a venue for us to shout out to the world?
    Those cheesecakes look totally scrumptious :o)

  2. oh those cakes are looking so super yummy!


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