Saturday, August 30, 2014

QSnT - Aug 30th

Day late, dollar short and all that! I did not have any blog posts this week as I was sorting through some personal business and trying to figure out what I want to do and where I want to go from here... personally speaking. Thankfully, I am on the ball again and things are better. I am even sewing today! Woohoo! Through it all, though, I still loving looking through Instagram, it totally relaxes me and inspires me. Here are my favorites for this week!

This beautiful EPP project is being done by karie_twokwikquilters. I love the colors and the cross stitch look! So cute and fun! Great patterns mixed together as well!

Seriously, could these little shirts by brianisthemessiah be any cuter???

I love when traditional designs are made modern! This is gorgeous! Made by rxquilter.

Each project is linked to the maker's Instagram image, leave em some love and say hi!


Friday, August 22, 2014

QSnT - Aug 22nd

Welcome to my very first Quilt Show 'n' Tell post. My friend, Cornelia of Pieced With Love xoxo, and I are going to be posting our favorite quilty finds each week. This week it seems all of my inspiration has come from Instagram.

There is so much visual inspiration there. It amazes me the sheer amount of talent floating through those photographs! I love seeing these photos, they spark my own creativity, introduce me to new techniques, make me lust for new fabric, it is fab!

Anyway, this week I have found the following beauties!

This adorable little "pincushion organizer" is from elizabethagh. She said there is going to be a tutorial for it, so be sure to click on her name and get the info from her Instagram account, and maybe give her a heart and some love while you are there. 

 Okay, it is never too early to make amazingly adorable Christmas items! I mean, seriously. I love it! That is the cutest little gift I ever did see! SewFreshQuilts is working on some fun placemats! Click on her name to leave her some love as well!

amyjoquilts has made a lovely little mini using the Arizona fabrics, which I would LOVE to have, btw! I love her design, the block totally plays off the fabric designs so perfectly, this is awesome! Click on her name to go leave her some love and to see her original IG post as well. 

 Ok, ellieandfern is new to me but I am now following. I love this little quilt! I love that she took a cross stitch design and turned it into a pixelated art quilt of batman! How adorable! We are huge batman lovers in this house so this one was a win for me! LOVE IT!

 jennrossotti made this beautiful baby boy quilt. I love the simplistic design but the bold pops of blue! It is just so striking! Lovely work!

I am a sucker for beachy, water anything so when I was looking through Instagram this one jumped out at me. Not just because the colors are amazing and bright but it is just so perfectly done and quilted, I love it! I would love to hang this one in my beachy bathroom! ericajackman made this one.

Well, those are my picks for the week. Each artist's name is linked to the original post so please feel free to leave them some love and encouragement. We all need some from time to time.  If you would like to see what Cornelia picked just click on over to her blog, Pieced with Love xoxo.

Have an amazing Friday! 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

QDAD - Aug 19th

Well, I only have one to share this week and that is all my middle daughter's fault. I know, but really, hear me out!

She wanted to try loom knitting. So, well yea I had to try it too. I mean I had to be a good mom and go through this experience with her, right? So self sacrificing! lol In any case I spent about 3 whole days loom knitting a frickin scarf for my eldest daughter.

I think I am hooked. Heehee, hooked! Get it? See what I did there? *eye roll* Ok, moving on.

Anyway the inspiration I used this week was a flamingo. I love the colors in this photo.  Flamingos are so pretty! I am a bird fan and a bigger fan of big birds, they are just so amazing! I love that occasionally I get to see a flock of these in wild here, out by Cape Canaveral. They are so awesome.

I went with the whole abstract thing again as I really liked how funky the last quilt top turned out. So, I designed an abstract flamingo block. Again, I am not the fondest of the block alone but once you get a bunch together and do some rotating, I am a huge fan! I love how this top turned out!

I am thinking I might need to turn this one in to an actual block. If I do, I will certainly share the measurements and tut for putting it together. Now, I am off to do something other than loom knit for a change lol.

- Tanyia