Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Sunday y'all!

It is funny, I say y'all when most people would not consider me a Southerner. Why is that Floridians are not Southerners? I mean, we are about as South as you can get lol. We say "Y'all", we eat grits ... sometimes lol, we even occasionally ...well yea you get the point. I do not know what is up with that? Not that it really matters ... I am rambling lol. I tend to do that. Frankly I think it is part of my charm. Well, unless you live with me that is and have to listen to it, pretty much on a non-stop basis. Also... bless my dh's heart, my girls are all like that too! hehe. Poor guy.

Tonight for dinner I am going to try one of Pioneer Woman's yumm-o recipes! I will have to let you know how it turns out, but it sure looks good! I am also making a super yummy looking cake I found in the Good Housekeeping Baking cookbook. I sure hope it turns out as pretty as the picture. The stuff I make is almost always yummy, I mean I know Im a decent cook... but it may not look so great lol. I have definitely heard, "It's ok mom...who cares what it looks like, it taste great!" more than once! lol

I recently left a CT team, and I am seriously considering dropping a forum team... I feel like I want some more time for scrapping for myself only when I decide to do it. I was reading a blog recently... and I am SO sorry I forgot whose... but it was about the art of writing, and incorporating writing into everyday life, etc. I look back when I used to paper scrap and journaling was a main part of my books because I scrapped for the preservation purposes of my children. Now a days I seem to scrap whatever I can to match what kit came out for who I CT for, and it shouldn't be like that.

I finally finished March's first week LO for the 365 project and now I am only three weeks behind lol. I am going to try in earnest to get that caught up, because they would be awesome for the kids to see someday when they are older. We often remember the REALLY big stuff in life, whether good or bad... but I think it would be an amazing treat to be able to see all the stuff in between. I know I wish I could sometimes.

Here is the 4th week of Feb LO, I forgot to post.

I am really like the graphic look to the 365 LOs so far, and they are all going to have the same basics, with every two that face each other as mirror opposites. It satisfies my anal retentiveness lol.

Ohhh and here is an adorable LO I did at SSD recently.

Meredith Cardall will have a new kit coming out at ES soon... not sure when since they have issues going on, but I did these two LOs with it:

Have a super Sunday everyone! Tomorrow is the start of Spring Break here, so I feel some fun coming on! :P


  1. Hey Sis, very nice, even the rambling (perhaps that's in the genes)Too bad when it came to the creative gene I got less than you did, I'm older I should have gotten a bigger

  2. Hi! I've stumblewd upon your blog from the dst blog train! How are you?!
    It's funny how you're thinking about dropping some teams - I was there a month or so ago lol now I'm a manager for one CT, on a QP team & just one other (instead of on like 4 or 5 different teams). I was feeling exactly the same way about just scrapping for CT requirements but now I'm actually getting the pages done that I want to do lol!
    Hope you're well!

  3. I totally agree with you about only scrapping for CTs...I was feeling the same way awhile back, and ending up dropping quite a few of mine as well! I wanted to focus on recording memories rather than fufilling requirements. Now that I am only on 4 teams (2 of which are low key) I can do just that!!

  4. Love your latest 365 page.

    I understand about CT's - my main commitment is Weeds & Wildflowers - which is wonderful as I am doing Project 365! I have one other smaller CT and that is more than enough. When I have tried more, it just stresses me out - and there is no fun in that.

  5. CT's are fun, but they can be a lot of work too. I've stuck to just one these days (because I help run it LOL) but I figure that the kits need to suit my scrapping style too. I agree with you on the journalling. My pages need to tell the story, not just be pretty.
    I love all your layouts, they are gorgeous :o)


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