Thursday, May 28, 2009


Happy Friday! Yay, the weekend is upon us! Any special plans this weekend?

We have to take the puppy to the vet today. He has been shaking his head and scratching his ears. We noticed some lumps on his ears and it seems to be bothering him, so we want to get him taken care of as soon as possible. Poor baby! He is such a stinkin' (literally) cutie!

Other than that not too much going on! A bit of relaxing I hope. My dh and I have started watching the Heroes show. We have the netflix thing where you can stream it through your Xbox live. So we get instant access to stuff. We have the first three seasons on there, so we are about 3/4 done with the first season now. I am likin' it... I am just wondering where it is actually going to go, if there is a plot other than the current one.

I wanted to share some more LO's! I did the girls E pages now, I showed you Samantha's before, the one with the feather boa lol. Here are Kay and Beck's "E" pages.

I love this photo of Kayla! So gorgeous! I used a TON of different stuff for this one so if you want to see the credits, just click it. Hopefully I linked it right and it will take you to DST lol. If not, sorry!
This one of Beck is soooo cute! I usually use one photo on a LO... not that I have anything against multiple photos, I am just not usually talented enough to make them work! lol Anyway this template was in Studio Hilary's new grab bag and I LOVE the way it turned out.

Last is another kit preview from Digital Scrap Cafe. I only did one LO with this kit, even though it was amazing. It is my fault actually. I am just not very good at making a "scene" with my LOs and I thought this kit would make a lovely LO...but I just can not do it justice. So I will stick with the one I did, and envy all the amazing LO artists that scrap in the whimsical way I admire!
The kit is 4.99 at DSC, click it if you would like to go and take a look!
My LO was done for a scraplift at DSC.

Have a happy Friday everyone, and PLEASE come see us at DSC a bunch of challenges will be starting soon for June!!!

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  1. Hi Taniya, how are you? Haven't been doing the blogtrain for a while, but I was lucky to get right behind you! Love your layouts, I totally understand the block to do "scene" layouts :-)


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