Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday and the end of an era!

Well, that is is. No more... gone... forever...

My last little girl turned 8 today! EIGHT! She is such a young lady, growing so fast. Her face has recently know how that baby face starts to take shape, and she has been growing this summer. She is getting taller, and has gone into the next size in kids clothes!

It makes my uterus ache. *sigh* I miss having a little one running around. The learning, the curiosity, the adorable chubby cheeks that tell you they love you. Maybe one day...

My eldest has a friend from South Florida visiting for the week and they are having a blast. They have been here and there, they have gone on the public bus to places ... see those independent times are what puts me at odds with having another one lol.

I have not been scrapping much this week. I am temporarily out of mojo! I have tried several times, but I have not been able to go anywhere w/o my car so I really do not have any new pics, beside pool pics. And honestly, how many pool LOs does one person need lol.
I am finishing up a hybrid project, which is the requirement for Round 3 of Digital Scrap Ink's scrapping contest. I am enjoying being challenged a little, it is fun! Their site is planning a Grand Opening for July 4th, I am sure it will be great! :)


  1. I hope your daughter has a great birthday.

  2. my girls are 7 and oldest has changed SO much this year. I was just looking at older pictures and I really can't believe how different she looks.

  3. Aww huni, how time flies huh!
    I hope she had a fab birthday!!
    PS.come back mojo!!! xx

  4. Happy Birthday to your SD!!!! :D


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