Saturday, September 19, 2009

My first Hybrid Chick post!

So, I did it, I made my first hybrid chick post! :) It was an exhausting process and I screwed it up a few times and I am not happy with the pics...but I did it! hehe.

I have a lot of new found respect for the hybrid girls! The pics have to be the right size and the post should be formatted so it looks good, too. Plus the photos of the hybrid stuff need to be stellar and I am SO up for the challenge.

I am glad I did the first one, I learned a lot. Most of which is to NOT wait til the last minute! hehe.

I am proud of it and that it is there though! PLEASE... if you can take a min come check it out and leave me some luv... I only have 2 little comments right now! hehe.

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