Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Monday

For once I am glad it is Monday and that this weekend is over. gah!

Friday we had a field trip to Wonderworks in Orlando. Becca was not feeling well and with tears in her eyes decided to stay home with my mother-in-law while I took Sam alone. :( I felt so bad for her. She had the worst tummy ache and a terrible sore throat. Basically what I had the weekend before.

So Sam and I did enjoy our Friday out, it was fun, and we went to a great place for lunch that had awesome food. Cafe Tu Tu Tango. It was very cool, we both loved the atmosphere. The food was actually excellent, the best lunch I had in ages!

Later on in the evening Sam started not looking so good either though, and the next day...Saturday...of course, they were both really sick. Beck was stuffy and had a runny nose and a slight cough. Sam, however, with her asthma had this HORRIBLE hacking cough, turns out she has brinchitis and Beck has two ear infections. So we basically spent 7 hours in an emerg-a-care walk-in and pharmacy. Thankfully there is a really cool place here that is an after hours pediatrics.

Today Beck is better, and Sam is getting there. I know it will take her awhile to get over the cough part, poor kid.

The Digi Chick is doing a special challenge this month with a new challenge (and a new prize) every day. You have all month long to complete them all, til Nov 3rd actually, and they are great challenges and some awesome prizes. I will be hosting a hybrid challenge on the 23rd. I can not wait! :)

This one was for the Oct 1st, "A" challenge hosted by Erica. You need to mix and match alphas to create your title. Check out my LO "Seriously" to see credits and leave me luv.

This one was for the Oct 2nd, "B" challenge hosted by Nikki. We were scraplifting a specific LO by Bexy. This is my take on it. Check out my LO, "Love" to see full credits and leave me luv!

So far my reading challenge is going well. I finished Ghostgirl, which actually was ok. Not great but not bad either. I am now reading "The Girl Who Stopped Swimming" and am liking it. I am a little more than half done with it. I am surprised I am reading it so quickly! Anyway, have a super day!


  1. Love your LO's. Sorry about the kiddies. Glad they are getting better though.

  2. I'm sorry you are having a hard time with illness. It will soon go away. Could be worse. You could be up north where it is cold and rainy and sick. hehehe

  3. Your LO's are great but then aren't they always, Tell Becka and Sam get better soon.

  4. Great pages! Thanks for the info on the challenges!

  5. I hope the girls are feeling better. I love your LO's.
    Congrats with the reading challenge. I used to love to read, but then I became addicted to digi-scrapping. LOL

  6. great layouts. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  7. Fall is always full of sickness. :( Hope your kids are doing better. :)


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