Sunday, October 25, 2009

Super Easy Turtle Cake

This is seriously a dessert for lazy people ... like me! :P

When you want something really yummy and sinful and you have to be quick, this is the perfect pick. It is always welcome at girl friend's houses as well, and it tends to look like it took more time than it really did, which is a win/win if ya ask me!

Anyway, here it is!

I mean, seriously...even the pic came out wonderfully, which if ya know me does not happen to often with my 8.2 mp kodak sureshot point and shoot! hehe

All you need are:
1 box chocolate cake mix, I used a devil's food cake
1 squueze thingy of chocolate ice cream syrup
1 squeeze thingy of caramel ice cream syrup
some choose I used pecans

Make cake.
Drizzle chocolate, then caramel, then chocolate, then caramel, the sprinkle with some nuts!
Viola! Dessert!

Now...go! Eat! Enjoy! (just do NOT look at caloric content)


  1. You know you really need to move back to PA so that when you make these things you can share with me. Looks delicious. As for calories, I don't see them listed in the ingredients, therefore there are no calories in the finished product :)

  2. Ann does have a point there......
    I will have to ask my mum to send me a box of devils chocolate cake mix.....The Dutch seem to have a problem with developing this kind of product ! lol

    Thanks for sharing !


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