Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 new challenges for 2010

These two challenges are hosted by the same person (J. Kaye) and go the entire year of they are here in one post for my intro post anyway. Images are linked to the sign up page so please feel free to join us, and if you do, leave me a lil note so I can support you through out the process as well!

I am signing up for the 2010 Support your library challenge ... for one thing I use the library a lot thanks to homeschooling and for another I feel that the library is an amazing resource! It gives everyone an equal opportunity, regardless of money, to open that book and escape into your imagination. What a wonderful gift!

I am going to go for the SUPER SIZE ME level and commit to reading 100 books. I really do not think that is too many over the course of a year... plus anything else I read; such as for the next challenge, also counts. Yay.

I am also signing up for the 2010 YA challenge, mainly because the 16 yr old that is stuck inside me is always reading YA books anyway! I love 'em! I actually am reading one right now hehe. Sadly that will not count but...ah well.

For this one I will commit to the Stepping It Up challenge of reading 50 YA books throughout the year. I think that at least half of my library books can easily come from the YA section!

easy peasy!

So wish me luck and happy reading!


  1. Can't wait to see what you're reading! Glad you're joining!

  2. ooh! I LOVE the idea of 100 books in a year. I bet I could do that...

  3. I love YA books Mainly Evermore, Blue Moon, SHiver and such!

  4. Welcome to the 2010 Support Your Local Library anf the YA Reading Challenges. I am so excited about this upcoming year.

  5. If I wasn't trying so hard to write a book, I could probably read 100 books in a year. I hope you post what you're reading. I agree about the library. I rarely read a book more than once, so I try to save myself some money and get the book from the library.


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