Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Midnight ...

My dear, dear Midnight. *sigh*

Isn't he just the cutest? He is such an adorable little puggy. He cuddles, he barks at strangers, he does not eat my shoes, he sleeps in his cage like a good boy, he only knocks over the trash can once a day. BUT... and this is a BIG big but, we can not house train him for the life of us!

What part of us (ALL seven of us) is so defunct as to not be able to train this lil monster?!?!

He will scratch at the front door... we will take him out... he will squirt on 7 or 8 bushes, he will come inside, we will praise him, sometimes give him a treat, and then ... he will walk away, lift his leg and PEE IN THE HOUSE again! grrrrrr!

I have successfully potty trained three very VERY stubborn children. Midnight... nope, nu uh, he says, no flippin' way man! He pees on the couch, dh's blanket, he lifts his little bitty adorable leg and wees on our fake trees (the girls think this is progress as it IS a tree), and all over the stair case.

I just DO NOT GET IT!?!?!?

Please...feel free to impart some words of wisdom here. It has gotten to the point where dh will look at him shake his head and mutter, "useless."


  1. May I respectfully suggestion searching for others who have had similar problems or posting a question for help here -- http://dogster.com/forums/Behavior_and_Training. If that link doesn't work, go to dogster.com, click on Forums, them find Behavior and Training. That is THE best place for advice from folks who have been dere dun dat.

  2. ROFL I'm sorry but I have to laugh. Only because I've been there done that. Are you sure it's not a territorial marking thing? Is he neutered? Good luck and best advice I can give you is don't walk through the house in the dark, that's how you unexpectadly find those stray puddles....lol

  3. Awwww.. look at that face, he's such a cutie :) I'm sure he doesn't like being called a cutie.. hehe

    I'm really sorry I have no idea how to house train a dog. We used to have dogs when I was a lil girl but my parents never allowed them in the house.

    Perhaps you could try to put him on a diaper???

  4. No...he isn't neutered yet. We are not sure yet about that, we were considering breeding. It is looking more that way nowadays though, especially with "sexy time" starting lol. I am convinced he is in love with his doggy bed! lol

  5. My Shadow was neutered at 3 months because I wanted him for a pet not for breeding, but he still humped everything in sight especially pillows and anything he could bunch up, break him from that as soon as possible because my Shadow is bowlegged from all the humping. Even though he was neutered young he still lifts the leg to pee, but never inside. With yours it could be jealousy and marking his territory and if you had pets before and they peed then he would be trying to cover it up and again mark his territory. Hope things work out for you guys.

  6. ack i have no wisdom but he is cutie.. thats for sure...

  7. You have to get special doggy cleaner or use ammonia to cover everywhere he's peed or he will think it's ok to pee there again. To try & train my boy dog from doing this I would just take him out every 10 mins, then 20, 30, etc until he understood he was to go outside. I took him to the same spot each time so he knew that as potty. I wouldn't praise him until after he went & then I praised him outside immediately after he went. Your dog isn't really going potty when he sprays 7-8 bushes he's just marking his territory so you have to let him stay out longer or walk him until he actually goes. Do you have piddle pads for your house or pads of newspaper? Use this to teach him where to go inside & then gradually move them closer to the door you use each & every time you take him out to potty. Some dogs pick up potty training faster than others, you just have to be consistent & persistent. Good luck


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