Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday mornings...

Monday mornings are always a slow day for me! lol I mean, well, technically every morning is! I am definitely just NOT a morning person!

I took a weekend off of blogging and pretty much the PC. We had a lovely weekend here. Dh was home from of right now though he is back at the airport. Poor guy :( But we did spend a lot of time cuddling on the couch this weekend, doing family dinners, etc. It was wonderful.

Now back to the daily grind, right? I definitely need to go check out my entre card stuff, as I took off from that as well...since about mid week. I missed checking in on all the blogs I love and plan to do some time doing that today, as well as start a new kit.

Oh and for anyone that has seen my Fall Challenge Reading list I FINALLY finished Dracula...ugh, what a terrible ending! I mean, honestly, I enjoy reading, I love classics, I took College Literature so I feel I am an intelligent reader...but I just thought this sucked and can not for the life of me fathom how it became a classic...other than the fact that is was probably very avante garde for the time it was written. I am now finishing up Kabul 24, so I will have my first review done for the book review company soon! :) Yay!

I started a new challenge at ESS yesterday...scrapping your outtakes! Please, come check it out here and see my LO as well! It is a cute one!

I will be starting a Desktop Challenge at MLAS in a couple of days and there will be another template coming for that one.

I feel the holiday spirit coming, so watch up for a cute blog design change soon, plus this week I will have two more pumpkin recipes for you and two freebies, so stop by again soon, and have a wonderful week!


  1. It sounds like you had a great time this weekend! Congrats... Love your out-takes and am so looking forward to your desktop calendar challenge

  2. I had to laugh that you thought Dracula "sucked". He he. I agree, though, it will never make my Top 10 list.


  3. That's a hoot. I've gotten some pretty funny outtakes.


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