Thursday, November 12, 2009

My life in lists... List 2

Well, here we go again with another journaling list! I loved doing the first one even though it was hard. 100 things was no easy task! lol I will take it easier this time for sure! hehe

10 things I wish I had (must be tangible and not be money):

1. a Zutter bind it all tool!!!

2. a Canon Rebel 15.1 mp camera!!! ... omg...drool!

3. a Samsung laptop it is PINK! and Ohhhhh so smexy!

4. a brand new car...big enough to fit all 7 of us, and has a/c and tv in the back!

5. customers ... you know people that actually buy the digi kits I make lol

6. a sewing machine... mine broke! :(

7. a super uber mega baking store like the one by Bakerella that she showcased on her blog! :)

8. 100 followers on my blog!

9. a vacation alone with dh ... but only for the weekend, cause I can not stand being away from my girls for longer than that!

10. the ability to eat cheesecake and not get violently ill and/or gain more weight!

lol what about you?! What do you want?


  1. LMBO- You make me giggle. Great thoughts- I will have to think on mine!!!

  2. I totally with you on #10! I can never say no to cheesecakes :D

    #8... only 56 to go!

  3. well you're almost half way there with the followers. You get that camera before I do I'm going to hold my breath till my face turns


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