Friday, November 20, 2009

My Life in lists ... list 3

Ten TV must haves at the moment:

Well...ok this I guess is going to be my confession of how much I love trashy reality tv! It is definitely the old cliche of the train wreck you can not look away from, so try not to cringe too much at the shows I follow! lol

1. The Ruins ... the current Real World / Road Rules challenge on Mtv! Yes...I do actually follow these religiously! My poor dh can not even be in the same room with me when I am watching lol, he thinks it will make his brain fall out and rot. I; however, love this crap! It is such a drama llama! lol I love to hate most of them! Plus ok, there is occasionally someone decent to look at.

2. ANTM... America's Next Top Model. Yup, I am a fan. I can not help it! I love watching the themes of the photo shoots and the creativity behind it and I love seeing their photos at the end. The one part I hate is where Tyra tries to be all dramatic ... "I only hold one photo in my hands..." yea yea we know. Every season the girl I root for is always chosen second! Grrr, this year it is Nicole...this week we find out who wins! Shhhh, it was on last night but I have not seen it yet...remember, DVR!

3. Top Chef Las Vegas. I definitely always follow the Top Chef shows, this one is no exception. I think they are pretty close to the end, I can't recall off the top of my head exactly how many are left. They finally sent that moron home last week though, so all is well lol. They have a couple of cute brothers on this season, but my favorite chef I think is the red head who looks like a dwarf from World of Warcraft! lol I always forget his name hehe.

4. Mercy... yep I do watch a couple of non 'reality' shows. This is a pretty good one! I got so tired of how Grey's Anatomy turned into a reallllly bad soap opera. This one for now at least has a modicum of hilarity in it in addition to the medicine

5. Vampire Diaries. Ummm WHY why why is the evil twin always so damn hawt! When it first started I was not sure how lame I thought it was but the character and plot development have intriqued me. It is definitely holding my interesting and making me come back for more.

6. Project Runway. Even though I hate that biatch Heidi Klum (seriously she has had 4 kids and still looks like THAT wtf?) I love the creativity and comical lack thereof sometimes. I do enjoy seeing the creative process and watching people learn and grow in their creativity as the show progresses! There is only one episode left this season and I just hope a "mean girl" doesn't win.

7. Food TV's Challenge Series. I love watching the new challenges that come out each week. Again, the whole creativity thing and the fact that I love cooking and baking... just leads me to love this one. It just totally astounds me how amazing some people are!

8. So You Think You Can Dance. Here it is, another creative one! WOW...this people are so talented, it just awes me! The girls and I just LOVE to sit and watch this together. Plus every once in awhile I will find a really awesome new song I have to put on repeat til I can sing it in my sleep! Too early in the season to see who is going to go anywhere yet, though.

9. The Hills. Yes, this show is utterly ridiculous and a complete waste of air space AND I really hate Heidi and Spencer. Yet, I am addicted lol. Another wonderful, Hollywood train wreck.

10. The City. Spin off of The Hills, so the above fits, but again, alas, morphine!

There ya have it. Can you imagine how full my DVR usually is? lol It takes up two trust me. Some times I do not watch anything for two weeks, and then I'll spend all weekend on and off catching up. It is just nice to have them there when I want them and need a good laugh! hehe


  1. Reality shows are something that I could just never get into. Better on DVD though I suppose at least you can skip the commercials and pause for a snack break :)

  2. Ha! The ONLY show I watch is Grey's! But I'm with you...It got pretty lame last season. It's getting back on track now...

  3. I'm a reality show junkie! Not all of them but the nice ones :) American Idol, ANTM, Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, Chopped... love em!!

  4. I LOVE the Food Network- sometimes it's on all day in my house. Atleast my 5 year old will find something to play with then. Vampire Diaries.... MMMM PUUUURRRRRR YUMMMMMMYYYYY. What is it about sexy vampires now- remember when they used to have long hair and the long finger nails (thinking Interview with the vampire) and now they can walk around during the day and have a 6 pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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