Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Missing Midnight.

Well, I posted previously about our adorable puppy Midnight, right? Ok, well if you do not remember... he was adorable and little and the cutest black pug eva! Well, now he is a demon dog! Gah! ... and I miss him! Ok, well...that is slightly erratic thinking. Here goes the full story.

We had Midnight since April of 09. He was a slightly crazy male pug. He ran around and owned the house and was fiercely protective, ridiculously adorable, always nice and sweet and lovable. We decided we wanted to get another puppy, have two small dogs, and then that would be perfect for us.

Well.. while out shopping during the holiday season I stopped (YES...I know...BIG mistake) at a pet adoption event at the local pet store while we went to pick up a little something. Instead, we ended up picking up a BIG something! I made the decision (w/o speaking to dh! uh oh) to adopt a puppy for Christmas.

We (the sappy girls and I) fell in love with a Shepherd/Lab mix, fawn colored beautiful pup...

...cute, right?

Anyway, to make a long story short ... she was not exactly digging being submissive to Midnight, and he became too aggressive, and he ended up biting my youngest dd. Now when this happened we thought it was a complete and utter fluke. I didn't see it happen...only the aftermath, and I thought perhaps he was egged on a bit ...anyway my first instinct was to get rid of him immediately.

Well, the dh and the girls all thought it was a fluke, too, and wanted to keep him. So we did. Mothers... NEVER ever ignore that instinct! He bit the youngest again! This time a little worse. Now, neither time did he break the skin, but there was a welt, a mark from his teeth not wanting to let go, etc. So, this time I said, that is it he HAS to go.

We could not bear for him to go to the pound though, and we have a friend who is like the dog whisperer, I swear, lol. Anyway, he has experience with training and rehabilitating dogs so he agreed to take Midnight and help him. It would be another day though, and in that time he decided to also bite middle dd.

This was all horrible, and a terrible few days! Just a mess. We ended up having to cage him and only take him out to eat and go outside, then right back in the cage. Despite all of what he did, of course I miss him. Before Ginger (that's the new one), he was a perfect little doggie. I do not regret letting him go, my kids come first. But, we will miss him, and I hope he is able to get over this and be a nice doggie again.

So...midnight, we wish you well, we love you, and we are sorry it just didn't work out with our family.

Goodbye, Midnight.


  1. oh wow, glad it wasn't too serious of bites. When we had Winston he bit Brad a couple of times but we think it was most likely provoked in some way. I know how you feel letting him go but you did the right thing. Glad you found someone who can possibly help him out.

  2. awww, it's hard, but sometimes, pets just aren't in the right place for them. He's probably going to better off as an "only" pet with a family. Ginger does look like a sweetie! :)

  3. I had this situation before but much worse. We had to give away one of the dogs. I know how hard it is to make this decision.

  4. thanks for your support, ladies...it does suck but hopefully from here on out things will be better with just Ginger.


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