Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My first sewing project!

Yay...I did it. Of course this is no where near the abilities of my sister, Ann, but it is a start hehe.

I went with something that looked ridiculously easy and it even said that is was a one hour project. Now, I have to respectfully disagree on the one hour crap ... it took me two days lol. BUT I am proud of the end result. :)

Check it out:


  1. Pretty! Great job - I have a sewing machine in the closet which I keep threatening to use, but so far, it's done nothing but collect dust.

  2. That's a very pretty skirt - love the fabric. And YAY to your first sewing project :)

  3. Thanks ladies... I know it isn't much, but I feel pretty proud about it.

  4. Hey it looks great. I have to let you in on a secret. I haven't sewn much of anything in a long time and when I did make clothes, I avoided anything with a button or a zipper....lol


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