Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holy moley batman!

Wow... it has been almost three months since I have been here.

I have no good excuse really...I just needed a break from scrapbooking and blogging and all that jazz. So what did I do...I went to my alternative addiction which is playing World of Warcraft. I am honestly worse than my husband. lol.

It's the same with coffee and tea....I love coffee for awhile then I am back to tea. I am not sure why I can not just stick with both on and off all the time, but it seems it is all or nothing with me. Tons of scrapbooking or none at all....only coffee no tea. lol Go figure.

Whatever the reason for my addictive fickleness, thankfully I am back to scrapping and blogging. I really missed the blogging and I certainly missed keeping up with my sister's blog!

I am spending today on the patio with the girls in the pool. It is over 9- degrees so I am not sure how long I will be here, but I just love watching them swim and have fun, laughing and being silly. It truly warms my a way even the heat can not.

Anyway... hi, I am back!


  1. When your post came up in my reader I had to think a minute who it I've gone in the opposite direction with my blog and haven't missed a day posting in I don't know how long.
    By the way I believe you were supposed to email :)

  2. Well it is nice to see you back. I have been watching and waiting. Now looking forward to some more post.


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