Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ticket Roll Bowls

Happy Thursday! I want to introduce you to a favorite blogger of mine. Kayla of Deliciously Crafted!

If you have been around my blog for awhile, you will have seen her in plenty of my scrapbooking pages. Kayla is my 17 yr old daughter. She recently began her own blog, about crafts and food and what not... sound familiar?

Anyway, she is here today to share something we did together. ( I did the white one) Take it away, Kay!

Hi there! This is a super fun and easy craft, definitely one of my favorites. They're food-safe bowls made from a roll of tickets!

All you need is a paintbrush, hard coat Mod Podge, an bottle of sealant, and of course..a roll of tickets! For our craft, we used two different kinds: single and double. The white roll is single tickets; it's easier to work with, but turns out smaller bowls. The blue roll is double tickets; it's a bit more complicated when you start out but the bowl ends up a bit bigger than the single roll version. I did the double roll, my mom did the single roll.

The first step can seem complicated at first, but it's actually so easy, I did it when I was younger without even knowing it! In the center of the ticket roll is a thick cardboard band. Put your thumbs on the cardboard ring and use your other fingers to pull the outer edge of the ticket roll upwards. As the roll comes outwards you may need to adjust your grip; pull it out until you're happy with the shape of your bowl.

Now, with the double roll of tickets, you have to break the seal at the end of the roll of tickets to loosen it enough to work with it. A few strands may come off, but we'll fix that later.

After you've brought the double roll out a bit, just wind the rim back up and glue it together with a bit of Mod Podge.

Once you have the bowl formed, coat the outside with Mod Podge. It takes about 5 or 6 coats and you have to let it dry fully between coats.

Next, coat the inside. Don't forget to coat the cardboard rim as well, otherwise it won't be waterproof.

After you're satisfied with the level of Mod Podge coverage, spray it with the sealant and you're good to go!  My mom plans to put a large rock in the bottom of hers and use it as a planter for her recently purchased basil plant. I'm pairing mine with a little teal statue I found at a thrift shop, and a craft I'm sure my mom will soon be sharing on her blog. But, enough spoilers .... I hope you enjoyed this neat craft idea as much as I did! =]

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  1. Love it!!! What a great idea.

  2. OMG that's awesome!

  3. Ah like mother like daughter. Love this and in a sense this is a giant form of I didn't know Kayla had her own blog gotta go check it out.

  4. I do indeed, it's a whopping one week old lol

  5. what a cool idea! love, love, love the new layout!

  6. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Check back today... it's a cute one!! By the way, I am going to be doing a giveaway tomorrow, so add me to your sidebar links to get a head start!! :)

  7. how cool is that! LOVE that idea, especially for a movie night!

  8. It is nice to see the two of you working together. And such a great project.

  9. RAD idea!! I so wish I was crafty. TY for following my blog Obviously MArvelous, I am now your newest follower!

  10. LOVE these. I have a pink ticket roll just waiting!

  11. How unique and creative! This is such a fun idea!


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