Saturday, July 3, 2010

LO time again and I survived the drive!

Well, I made it. I survived the was a little sketchy at the end. I have to say what was worse than the drive however; was coming home to find out that one of the kids left trash on the counter, and I missed it before we left THREE weeks ago.

We came home to a literal cloud of gnats. It was D I S G U S T I N G! We actually had to vacuum the cloud of them and all the girls were freaking out! It was a mess. I never want to think of that or speak of that again. Revolting.

It is that time again.... LO (layout) share :)

If you are new to my blog I have to warn you ... I am highly addicted to digital scrapbooking and LOVE taking pics of my girls and all the crazy crap they do....then I memorialize it to show their future husbands, and if that isn't bad enough, I post it on the web for all the world to see! rofl!

My eldest is like... "ugh, mom, I don't have make-up that going on the web again?"
My middle child says, "Mom...seriously? Do NOT put that one on the internet!"
My youngest says, "Wait...this is my better side...does my hair look ok?"

I tell my self I scrap for them, preserve memories, blah blah blahdity blah. But seriously...I do it cause I LOVE it as well. It is a great creative outlet for me, and since it is all done digitally it is super cheap, especially since I am on several creative teams, I do not buy any products. So that is one of the reasons I love to show them off!

The other is their adorable faces! Here are a few I have done lately.

This one was done using a kit from Connie Prince called Backyard Adventure and is available at Elemental Scraps. I also used a template from eNKay Design available at Scrapbook Bytes. It is a pic of my mom and my girls when we went to explore a little historic downtown district near us.

This next one is using a kit from ScrapShana called Doodle me Happy available at Digiscrapaganza. This is my beautiful middle child, Samantha, the pic was taken on Father's Day when we were vising the base that my husband works at.

This next one is also by ScrapShana, from Digiscrapaganza, called Let Your Spirit Soar. This picture was also taken on the day we went to the historic downtown area, when we had lunch.

This next one is using some adorable Color Play products for the upcoming month of July, for Elemental Scraps. They will not be released until July 5th. These products were from Jessica Edwards. This pic was taken on my littlest's b-day when we went on a picnic lunch.

And last but not least, also by eNKay Design, her template from Eezy Peezy and her kit called Cerise, both from Scrapbook Bytes. These individual pics of my girls were also taken on the trip to the base on Father's Day; on a little pier they have. It was so pretty!

Until next time. :) Happy Scrapping and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. They all look fantastic which is another reason why you do the digital scrapbooking thing. Because you're so good at it.

  2. Hi Tanyia! I had NO IDEA there was a such thing as "digital" scrapbooking... is this a program you use or a website? This is great! Your girls comments were cracking me up - they sound so much like mine haha.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey Danielle,

    I use Photoshop for my scrapbooking, but I know that there is some free programs as well. I belong to a few online forums and they are really helpful! You should totally try is addictive though!

  4. I bet this one has a ton of info if you look in the forum archives at stuff people have asked before....

    It is a generic info and new products site and a place to win free goodies, etc. Oh and there are freebies here on my blog AND you can take a look intheir gallery to see what you can do :)


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