Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scrap Mania!

Holy toledo I scrapped a lot of pages this week! Well, a lot for me, anyway! In between waiting for our stuff, then the movers bringing it, then the unpacking I was not really able to craft much, so I had to squeeze in my photoshop time at least while taking breaks here and there. So here is what I did, these are some sneak peeks of course as these products will not be coming out at Elemental Scraps until Monday! I love what I got to play with though! It is a great gig!

This LO is a pic of my eldest daughter and her boyfriend, Wes. She is missing him a lot now that we moved but they are doing the long distance thing as long as they can. Marc and I are living proof that it can work, so I will not be cynical about it and discourage her. Anyway I used a kit called Looking Up and is by Project B Designs.

Kayla again. This was taken the day we took everyone to the park, I just love this photo of her, she looks so happy and relaxed. I used the Sweet as can be bundle by Connie Prince.

This is the same day, everyone at the park for Becca's birthday. I used a template from Cindy Schneider and Slide Swing Repeat by Bella Gypsy and Angie Kovacs.

This is also using Sweet As Can Be by Connie Prince and a temp from JennCK Designs. Just my three beautiful girls! :) I love them soooo much!

This last page is using a kit from Bella Gypsy called Good Clean Fun.

Thanks for bearing with me and looking. I love sharing layouts (los) of my beautiful family. I am so proud of them!


  1. Very nice, you certainly have a flair for it. Obviously one of the talents I don't share with you:)

  2. beautiful family AND beautiful work...I only wish I had that kind of talent :)

  3. These are great and you're making me feel so guilty that I haven't scraped in ages. I can't bring myself to digital scrap yet. I have to feel that paper in my hands, I love it, but I never have the time for it!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  4. Awesome layouts! Want to do some pages for me, I'm REALLY behind, especially with the house and wedding planning....

  5. Love all of your scrapbook pages! I scrapbooked my first daughter's first year (the old-fashioned way with paper and embellishments). It took a long time. I am now getting ready to start my second daughter's book and I think I am going to go the digital route this time!

  6. i love all of these! hopefully the distance btwn kay and wes won't wear so much on their relationship. i've done the long distance thing as well and it isn't fun. that's funny that you have now learned that your girls are not the outdoorsy type. lol. at least you tried! that last lo is adorable!


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