Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Favorites Gift Exchange

I took part in the Fall Favorites exchange hosted by Every Crafty Endeavor.

I was partnered up with Crystal from Crystal's Craft Spot.

She has a really cute blog with lots of crafty goodness! You should stop over and check her out!

Anyway, she shared with me some of her favorite Fall Goodies and she was so generous and I totally love everything. Take a look:

Now, first I have to confess not everything is even all here...really, she out did herself. What you see above is a really soft and comfy pair of socks, a really cute cupcake liner and decoration set, sprinkles for the cupcakes, an apron, and a yummy apple pie scented candle! HELLO ...awesomeness.

However, there is more. I also received an amazing pair of glove/mittens that a child ran off with to cuddle, like 10 packs of mini M&Ms... ummm... I am not going to comment on where those went, AND another pair of adorable socks that I put on as soon as I pulled them out of the box hehe.

Being a Florida girl I literally owned NO socks, and now it is Fall in VA... I can use all the socks I can get lol. TY ty ty Crystal.

This was the first time I participated in a swap like this but it was so fun and I love what I got :) Big super grateful hugs and ty to Crystal for playing along and to Amanda K for hosting this, it was great.

Crystal's stuff is on its way and I hope she loves it!


  1. Wow, jackpot. Cool stuff and what fun to have that in your mailbox.

  2. be careful..swaps are addicting! :)


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