Monday, September 27, 2010

Some scrapbooking Layouts

Here are some more of my layouts that have been done for a little while but I have not gotten on here to post lately! If you would like to see kit and credit info, please click the title of the layout below each photo.

I finally got an absolutely adorable craft done! YAY ME! I can not wait to get on here and share it. Also I received my package from the fall favorites swap ... see sidebar. I got the best little package of things from Crystal, I can not wait to share with you. 

We are moving AGAIN one week from today. After our big move in June/July, we found out that the house had a lien on it and was in foreclosure. So we are forced with moving only a couple months after moving in. I can not tell you how hard this has been on me. It has left me really struggling with my emotions and some self pity, and of course a bit of depression. That has left me basically sapped of all creative energy and/or the desire to craft and blog; which is why I have been so absent. With the new move though I am praying things will settle down for good for us. So ... please send some good thoughts our way! 


  1. Love the layouts. That really sucks about the moving. Hoping everything turns out the way you want it.

  2. love the new look. :) love the owl lo. :) ugh...sorry about the need to move (again!). hang in there. take lots of deep breaths. hope the next house makes for a better fit.


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