Monday, January 31, 2011

Bad, bad, blogger

I have been a bad, bad, blogger in more ways than one. All I can do is apologize.

First, I just have not been around. After I found out that I was pregnant I started having all sorts of health issues and just difficulty completing daily tasks like showering. This definitely took over the past few months of my life. It affected everyone in my household, unfortunately, but lucky for me I have an amazing family and a really great husband.

After quite a few months of fighting with these things I found out during an ultrasound last week that the baby passed away. I had to go a larger city by us and have a procedure done to remove the fetus. At this point all I can say is fetus, because making it any more real is killing me. I am healing, starting to feel better physically and emotionally and trying to just move on. Keep calm and carry on... right?

Other than abandoning my blog in the past few months I also did not fulfill my part of the bargain on a Christmas and a Fall swap. I am so incredibly sorry, and honestly that is just not normally like me. I sincerely apologize, publicly to the two ladies I let down. I wold be happy to make up for it at this point, if it is not too little too late. I learned my lesson though and do not think I will join any other was really unfair to them.

On that note, I hope to be around my blog a little more, I just finished a project I had on hold for months now and it felt good and inspired me to let some of my creativity flow. Hopefully I can be back again soon and share that project with you!

ps.... i see my blog needs a makeover... it is still fall decorated! lol That will give me another fun thing to do!


  1. your blog doesn't look fall decorated to me :) Like the new look.
    I don't think you have to worry about apologizing for anything. I owe you one though, I'm a bad sister. I've been meaning to call or write and just never got around to it. Know that I am deeply sorry for your loss and thinking of you K?

  2. oh hon, i am so sad to hear about your loss. yes, keep calm and carry on. :)


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