Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drama Districts

Kayla is in a really cute and fun play at school called The Zen Substitute . It is about a man trying to get some time away from his awful wife to spend time with his beautiful younger mistress. (I know right, great morals for high school plays! lol)

It was done in the kabuki fashion, which was originally the commoners version of theater. It included very stylized ways of walking, speaking, and performing that lead to obvious gender roles and showing of the differences between the genders on stage.

Here are just a couple of cute pics of the play during dress rehearsal! I am wishing her luck tonight as they are at a local school until about midnight, performing and hoping to do well to get into the state competition! Good luck Kay!

and ps...sorry the pic quality is awful! :(

EDITED: I pre-wrote this last night... they ended up winning first place in the district and will be going to regionals in Feb! :) Kayla is beyond excited and thrilled, and totally in love with her drama medal!


  1. WooHoo!!!!! Congratulations to them. Best of luck at regionals

  2. that is so cool. congrats to them!


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