Saturday, February 26, 2011

Easiest Impressive Dinner Ever!

Ok, so I am confessing! This is one great way to Survive Motherhood ... make a great, tasty dinner...easily! I know, I know, kinda blows the mind. But it can actually be done with little effort. Take this recipe for instance!

Easy, Impressive Roast

I know most people do not think of easy when they think of a roast... but seriously, go with me a minute here. 

All I do is take a few things, throw it in a crock pot, and that is it. No...seriously! That is it!

I do not even have a pic of the finished product for you because it smelled so good we just ate it and I totally forgot lol. But that is ok... that is just a testament to the yummyness of the recipe!

Now I am not usually a cook that makes her own recipes, I make things and make them darn well, but I am a follow the directions kinda girl. This however is something I threw together and actually was floored at how yummy it was. I am thinking I should get braver and do more like it lol. So, here goes. 

The One... (cause there is ONE of everything lol...see how witty I am!)

a roast (whatever size and cut you want)
one onion
one green pepper
one red pepper
one 8oz package of fresh mushrooms
one package of rosemary
one can of beef gravy
one large container of beef stock (or broth)

But the beef in the crock pot. Poor gravy and stock (or broth) on top. Lift meat just to make sure liquid got beneath it. Take the onion (PEEL AND ALL ... trust me here) chop in in 4 big chunks and put it in the pot. Cut both pepper (SEEDS AND ALL... trust me here, too!) into quarters and throw those in too. Add mushrooms whole...or cut if ya like, add the whole package of rosemary....stems and all, just basically throw everything in the crock pot. No peeling required, no chopping just throw it all is just to flavor the meat. Set the crock pot to high and cook 6 hours. That is it! Fini! *I do not use salt because I like the flavor of the beef to come through... at the table everyone can individually salt to their tastes.

It is ok to not peel the onions or core the peppers because you are just using it to flavor everything. If you wish to use the jus when done just strain it. This seriously is a no fail, super tender roast and is so darn easy my hubby always thinks I spend all day cooking it.... shhhh!

If you do not have a crock pot, it is SO worth it. I spent 35 bucks at Wal-Mart for the biggest 7 qt one they had (cause we feed 7) and it makes my life so simple. There is a ton of things you can make in it! You would be surprised. Most of them require very little work on your part as well.



  1. Love putting dinner in the crock pot. I just downsized and bought a little one since the one I had was just way too big for cooking for 2 people.


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