Sunday, February 6, 2011

I have ADSD!

So, here I have the fullest favorites list imaginable of amazing blog ideas and tutorials on these great sewing projects to do! I am getting braver and braver in wanting to try new ideas and more projects...I might just be a real seamstress in no time!

My only problem is that I seem to have ADSD ... Attention Deficit Sewing Disorder. :P Apparantly I can only sit and sew for short bursts at a time, then I get antsy and bored and need to get up and do something else. Today for instance I have a beading project on one side of the table, the sewing project on the other and the laptop (for blog perusing) at the end of the table. I seem to get up and go from side to side, along with laundry, dishes, making tea, etc.  It is no wonder it took me 6 months to do one quilt lol.

So I have tons of ideas and projects in mind but alas my ADSD lets me only do so much at a time, hehe. Do you have any attention span problems, or do you have ADSD maybe? Let me know what I should be doing to get over this! HEEEeeeeelp!


  1. ROFL, maybe it's in the genes because if you read I had 6 projects going at once. I am however down to 4 so at least I'm gaining ground.

  2. oh goodness. you don't have adsd. you're a multi-tasker like every other woman out there. though this 'add-ness' seems to get works when one works with children. i should know! lol.

  3. Oh, I am totally the opposite. I don't like starting a sewing project unless I have a TON of time to dedicate to it...I always lose my place if I step away and it's hard to get motivated again. Perhaps you can find a support group for your disorder?


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