Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I took the pledge .... now it's your turn.

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I think bullying sucks. Any kind of bullying, and let's face it, it is not just centered around children. When bullies grow up ... they are still bullies.

I just wanted to take a moment and share The Pledge with you, and maybe inspire you to take it as well.

Take a look at the site. It is nothing life shattering and frankly, in my opinion it is simply common courtesy. I have been fortunate enough to not have problems with other bloggers, but I have certainly heard of it happening. It is petty, silly, and hurtful, and I want to stand up and say that I take no part in it.

Thank you to every one that has inspired me, that has helped me, offered advice or kind words and friendship. That is why I am here. I will certainly no judge or harshly treat others and all I ask is that the same be done for me.

If you want to stand up and take The Pledge, please visit their site HERE... it will only take a minute and your kindness but just be the one thing someone was needing.

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  1. i think bullying sucks and it really does have a huge ipact on the lives of the victims. i would visit the sute :)
    thanks for following my blog :)

  2. Bullying is everywhere. Even inside work offices. Apparently, the bully kids grew up and continued. Sad.


  3. Great post - It's crazy the bullying that goes on in junior and high school... Zero tolerance is a definite must.
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  4. Thanks for participating in the Good Friends Click Blog Hop! I'm already follow you, just stopping by to say hi.


  5. I completely agree with this post! I'm following via Good Friends GFC blog hop - please follow back at http:/taylorhousetohome.com

  6. I wasn't aware of online bullying between bloggers, that is really messed up!!

  7. wow, i didn't know there were online mom bullies. people must have nothing better to do.

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