Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hybrid Fancy Easter Basket

This is SUCH a cute little Easter Basket template! I like it even better than the last one I shared with you! It made such a cute little addition to my Easter decor, I added it to the kitchen island and put some of the decoration eggs in it that matched the sweet egg tree I love :) I think it looks so cute and perfect!

This would be perfect for co-workers, school employees/students, even just an extra little something for someone special. Take a look see ..

Here is the template, image linked to the store:

And mine... isn't it sweet (linked for credit info)??

Thanks for looking! I have a super duper yummy dessert recipe coming up tomorrow so see ya then! :) Happy Scrapping!


  1. wow. i just love your easter basket!

  2. That is really cute. I love it. Awesome looking eggs there too. Did you make those? They look like they have chocolate piped around them


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