Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Southern Style Spoon Spread

If you love corn and/or cornbread you will absolutely love this! It is like a cornbread, and when you take it out of the oven it is nice on top like a cornbread, however when you dig into it, it is softer ... it is delicious gooey yummyness! If you have not tried it, it is super easy and so delicious. Everyone will think you went to a big trouble to fix it, secretly you laugh inside at their naivety! lol

I can never get a pic of this on a plate by the way, I have tried three times now, but they always insist on eating it right away!

So simple ... all you do is mix together in a big ole bowl the following:

2 cans of drained corn, 2 cans of creamed corn, 2c of sour cream, 4 eggs (already slightly beaten), 1c of melted butter (drizzle in slowly while stirring so as not to cook the eggs if the butter is still hot), 2 boxes of Jiffy cornbread mix, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper, 1 bunch of sliced green onions (about 1/2c), and one package of precooked bacon; sliced.

Just stir it all together, put it in a 9x13 inch baking dish and bake for 45 to 50 minutes until set. I make this much and after feeding 7 we have a couple servings left over, so if need be simply cut exactly in half, or freeze for use later!

The kids LOVE love love this as does the hubbs, so try it soon!

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  1. love me some cornbread * will totally have to try this!

  2. very very nice! Makes me long for the stores at home where you CAN get Jiffy mix. Can't get any here. C'est la vie. Happy Tasty Tuesday!

  3. we are major cornbread fans... but alas,no Jiffy mix here either. looks yummy though!

  4. I have a box of Jiffy Mix that is screaming to be made. Thanks for sharing because this looks so scrumptious!

  5. Yummm cornbread and bacon..sign me up..lol Great recipe thanks for sharing, stopping by from FTLOB :)

  6. ohhhh that looks *sinful* good. Will have to buy cornmeal just to try it!

  7. never heard of it before but it does look might yummy. I like cornbread, can't stand creamed corn though


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