Thursday, April 21, 2011

A sweet Easter Treat!

I made these for the kids in my daughter's class. They are having a Spring party tomorrow, and having seen this idea floating around I knew I wanted to make a set of my own.

I used FruitLoop Sally's Egg Hunt Collab kit, imagine linked:

All I did was make a 7 x 5 inch rectangle in Photoshop. Then I divided it in half and decorated each half accordingly. The back has just a couple of flowers on it, in addition to the paper. I put a row of peeps into a snack sized ziploc bag and stapled this on to the front. It really looks super cute! My daughter is so excited to take them to school tomorrow!

image linked for full credits

Have a wonderful upcoming weekend, and holiday, if you celebrate it!

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  1. Those are really cute. At first I thought those were the packages that you bought the peeps in and I was wondering where your project That's what happens when I look at the pictures first before I read

  2. we teachers love moms like you!!


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