Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another work in progress!

Well, after starting Sam's quilt, we decided we wanted it bigger than I originally thought. So... I needed to order more fabric, and thank the Lord they had it in stock! So, while I was waiting for the fabric to come I started another quilt! lol YEP! Another.

This one is more of a crib size and will go to a good cause and is using up scraps from a previous project I was doing. I am so glad I found a useful way to use them and a way that someone could benefit from. It makes me feel good to do a little something to help.

It is a super basic design... I am trying to work on getting my seams all even this time, so I did 2 1/2 inch squares. I have all the rows together and today I am going to start putting them together to form the top. Here is a little look see:

This is the Mariposa Fabric by Marcus Fabrics, I picked them up at Fabric Shoppe on Etsy.

Hopefully it will come along quickly since it is small, but I am going to try and go slower and get it just right :)  Wish me luck!  


  1. you are just sewing up a storm there aren't you? I wish I could find the time to squeeze in learning that. I can't even manage to finish half the projects I have started now

  2. someone is getting addicted! ;)


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