Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Side Trip

During Spring Break with the girls and Kayla's bff, we went to check out the National Marine Corps Museum. It was really informative, actually pretty interesting (yes, I had doubt! lol), and the girls enjoyed the things that we saw there. Here are a few pics we took while there.

This first picture is in front of the museum. It has such a neat looking entrance, and the shape of the building is really cool, I think. Sam is on the left in purple. The red head if the bff :) Becca is in pink, and Kay is all the way on the right.

This is one of the first things that you see when you walk in, SO cool and so realistic!

The other thing we saw when we first walked in, lol this was so funny!

NOT a good pic, by any means but so funny that Becca wanted to punch out a drill instructor after listening to audio of the yelling lol 

I thought this was a really cool display, the realism was just amazing to me.

On the way out, off the second floor... this guy was aiming at me...also too realistic, I did not stick around long. It was kinda creepy!

We had a fun afternoon though. :) It is really interesting to live in such a historical place and to be able to experience so many things... plus all the national museums here are FREE! awesome!


  1. Gorgeous photos!!!

  2. gotta love anything that is free. Looks like a fun time

  3. wow, i love the cut out uniform bodies for pics! looks like a fun place.


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