Sunday, June 5, 2011

Northern VA's Quilt Show!

Oh my gosh, I loved the quilt show yesterday! I was completely exhausted when I came home but it was worth it. I feel SO inspired to make something and I saw so many beautiful quilts! People's creativity just amazes me!

This was not a quilt show with a bunch of new stuff like fabrics and all so I did not actually buy very much, I mean after all I can buy anything I want online for about the same price. One lady, from a local shop, had bundles called "Sew a Recession Quilt" bundles. They were 3 yrd bundles for 20 bucks and I did buy two of those. I will show you on Mon or Tues, the colors called to me immediately!

I find when I am looking at quilts and quilt designs, even though I know that I can change a block majorly by its colors or fabric choices, that what really draws me in to a design, or suckers me in to buying fabric is color combinations. They do not have to always be bright and cheerful either, just a fantastic, beautiful array of colors SEW inspires me! *hee hee, see what I did there? SEW inspires? Get it? hee hee*

Anyway, here is a few of the things that caught my eye. I actually took 111 photos so this is definitely just a sampling! lol I will share some other pics later this week, of different things that I fell in love with.

This one is a small little wall hanging/art piece. The colors are just stunning. The design is beautiful. Never mind the piece of the info card in the bottom corner... these were not the best of photos lol.

This is a stunning combination of colors and I guess I have a thing for black lining huh? This quilt, if you look at the bottom of the photo, also has a very unconventional edging, my daughter loved it!

And here is a close up ... GORGEOUS!

And one more for now! Just wow... this is most definitely a labor of love and a piece of art!

That is all for today. Today I am working on finishing up a wreath, making a cake, and a new recipe for dinner ... all of which you should see this coming week on the blog. Wish me luck! lol Have a wonderful, blessed, and safe Sunday everyone!



  1. such beautiful artistry. that's why i want to learn how to quilt! :)

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  3. OH I love quilts! My aunt made me one for my wedding i use every day!

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  4. great looking quilts. Glad you had a good time


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