Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hybrid Gift Box: Trapezoid

Well, today is the day that my internet is supposed to be getting fixed...I am not holding my breath though, it is already 2pm and nothing. This is so beyond frustrating. On the plus side with no internet I have done just a couple of cute crafts here and there as I had the time. lol. I wanted to share this really cute little gift box with you guys! I love how it turned out! 

I used this hybrid template from WendyBird Designs at Brownie Scraps, image linked.

Then I used some pieces from Traci Reed's kit, My 3 Sons, image linked.

and I came up with this really cute little box, I love how the flower turned out! After I printed it out I wet the flowers and crumpled them up. I then let them dry and uncrumpled them. Viola, a cute aged look. I added a yellow button with a piece of twine.

Happy Saturday, y'all!



  1. how in the world do you still have time to craft?? ;) hope your internet gets fixed.

  2. No internet? Oh you poor thing.
    Cute box, I love the flower


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