Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My oh so sweet surprise!

We have a new kitty! Yep...no intro ...I just needed to blurt that out! She is such a little cutie. She is three months old and her name is Riley. Look, look, look...

The last pic is kinda off focus but it is the absolute sweetest photo ever...my goodness. She is so sweet and loving and soft and fluffy and all kinds of wonderful adjectives!

Tomorrow I will have another hybrid scrap booking project to share with you, along with the tutorial for how to re-create it. Oh...and it's a tasty project as well! See ya tomorrow! Happy scrappin'



  1. Aww she is adorable and love the name!! That last one is so sweet. You have the fanciest pet bowls I've ever seen. Love them!

  2. ROFL all I could think of was how fond mom is of cats.
    She is adorable and I love that second picture.

  3. awww, she is so loved already. :)


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