Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and GREAT news to share!

I wanted to say Happy Halloween! I am seriously having some trouble, however, believing how fast this year has gone by. It is so ridiculously cliche, but I guess it is true... time does go faster as you get older.  I am already getting Christmas crafty minded, too! It seems like, for us, anyway, that it goes from Halloween to Christmas and the only thing we really do for Thanksgiving is have a big dinner lol.

A very sweet and VERY talented scrapper I met not too long ago, named Elizabeth, introduced me to the concept of 30 days of thankfulness. You know... stop and smell the roses? So, for November that is my goal to blog every day and include something that I am thankful for. I need to stop skipping over the season and holiday all about gratitude, sheesh. So, hopefully, I can remember every day, if not I will update when I can.

Ok, now... for my GREAT NEWS!!! I am so excited to share this and I had shared it on facebook and google+ already, so excuse me if you have heard this before but I am really so excited I HAD to blog about it as well.

I have had several layouts published in online scrapping magazine, BUT... I just had my very first publication in a print magazine! Yep...I have a magazine and in on... on page 48 is MY layout! OMG ... so many happy adjectives and exclamation marks go here. take a look, here is the magazine... Scapbooking Memories, Australia.

and HELLO! page 48 baby! :)

this is a close up of the layout:

Anyway, thanks for listening to my gush :) It totally made my day to get that magazine in the mail. :)

Please have a wonderful, safe, and happy Halloween! I will share my trick or treaters with you tomorrow!



  1. Very cool, congratulations sis. Now is that issue going in a glass case so you can save it forever and ever? :)

  2. So awesome and that layout is one of my faves!


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