Monday, October 17, 2011

Hybrid Bag for the sick geek!

I made the cutest "punniest" bag ever, if I do say so myself! :) If you are giving a little pick me up to a friend that is fantubulously geeky then you need something like this! I used an adorable kit from Traci Reed called Weird Science and a hybrid bag template from WendyBird Designs for this bag, check it out. 

*product linked*

*product linked*

And here is my adorable bag... "I hope you are up and atom soon" get it... atoms! BWAHAHAHA 
I really think I am punny! lol 

Anyway, thanks for looking, and probably giggling at my ridiculousness lol!



  1. Silly chickie!! Hope you feel better soon hun....cute hybrid!!! Wish I had a printer hehe

    xoxo Natascha

  2. I love it and I think it is ADORABLE! You always crack me up!

  3. you are the crafty witty one today aren't you :) Very cute


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