Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not quite as planned

Well, that weekend did NOT go quite as planned. Instead of going to the Fair and having a super wonderful weekend with my girls, we ALL had to flu. All five of us at once. awesome. I am still not able to really eat but I am feeling a bit better thankfully. Just thought I would catch up on some layout sharing while I have nothing else going on here to share lol. 

Each lo linked for full credits. 

This is dh and I, and was taken at a Fall Festival we went to a few weeks ago. 

Becca in these, being UBER cute!

A layout about my Nana. I have no pictures of her, so words are going to have to do. But I want them recorded for future generations to at least learn about her.

Becca, at the same Fall Festival as dh and I, above.

This one is Kay...yep, same festival! lol

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. sorry to hear you were all sick. Glad to hear you're on the mend though


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