Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Little Word and p365 ...READY GO!

Happy New Year to everyone!

This year I am going to be taking part in two projects that are important to me. 
The first one is the One Little Word project that I learned about through the digital
scrapbooking community, if you and not familiar with it please, check it out at the Ali Edwards blog HERE

The word that I have chosen for 2012 is moderation. I really feel that this is something
that I need to put into effect in my daily life. I am feeling completely overwhelmed sometimes
with the amount of stuff I have, the amount of things I have to do, the amount of food I eat, the amount of sodas I is all leading to an over all unhealthy environment that I am just not happy with. So... I am hoping I can use some moderation and make my life simpler and happier. Wish me luck!  If you are taking part in the One Little Word project this year I would really love to hear your word, I would love for you to leave your blog link so that I can follow along and perhaps we can offer each other support in this project. 

The next project is p365 ... which again I am going to be trying! Wish me luck, I have never 
made it through an entire year. I tried it twice. The first time I think I only made it til Feb maybe March. The second time I made it until May. This time I really want to finish! I would absolutely love to have, and completely cherish, a book covering the little things that happen. My plan is to put up the photos on FB every couple of days with a little blurb of what happened that day, to help me remember for when I do my layouts. Then do a layout per weekwith photos from the week and general info about what happened that week. Again... wish me luck! lol I do have good intentions, but you know what they say about those! hehe

Enjoy the rest of your New Year's Day ... tomorrow is back to work and school and things will be back to normal and I will be sleep deprived once more, woohoo! lol It's ok, I would not trade it for anything in the world... no matter how much I bitch about it! hehe 

Now... in keeping with the moderation theme, it is time for some OFF the computer time! :O


  1. Oh - moderation is a VERY good word for me - totally fits into my move more, cmpute less, eat better!

  2. I will totally be your 365 buddy. I think it's the greatest project ever. I've been taking pictures everyday since June of 2010 and I LOVE the record of life I have. Good luck!

    Marla @

  3. I love your choice of words for this year! I'll see you in the forums over there - I'm taking Ali's class to :)
    Good luck keeping up with p365 this year. I tried to do it last year and just couldn't stay motivated with it. I'm impressed with anyone who can stay motivated to take a picture a day for an entire year!

  4. Moderation is a good word, one I've always need to use more in my life. Can't wait to see all you do with P365.

  5. Good luck with both resolutions this year!

  6. Moderation is a great word! My word this year is "Growth" and I'm trying to incorporate it into my daily life. You can find my blog at if you wanted to follow along.

    Moderation is a truly great word that you can really incorporate into so much of your life, and I'm looking forward to following along with your progress over here. I also wanted to comment that I love your blog design- I am using the kit for January in my P365! Adorable :)

  7. good luck with your two projects. :)

  8. I love your word! This is from someone who yep, easily gets overwhelmed as well! Good luck and here's to an awesome 2012 :D

  9. Good luck with your projects! I love your word - moderation - it's a wonderful word :)

    And I love your wintery blog design! So cute! :D

  10. Oh Moderation is a fantabulous word. Been seeing your updates on facebook those brownies looked delicious! Great idea x


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