Monday, January 9, 2012

p365 2012, week one!

Well, one week down, 51 to go! lol. I did the first week of the project 52 layouts. I am doing the project 365, taking a photo a day for the year and I am uploading them on FB, but then once the week is over I am tranforming them into a weekly layout for project 52, which will give me a beautiful book of the year at the end. Anyway, here is the first week's layout! 

Now that I think about it, I probably should make a cover as well, huh? I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! It is snowing here and it is so lovely! I am thrilled! Now, if only it would stick! hehe.



  1. Love the LO Tanyia the colours are fabulous. I would like to do p52 but i usually lose track around feb lol x

  2. I love that you took all your pics for the week and turned it into a LO. what a great idea! :) sounds like it was quite an eventful week. Can't wait to hear about your mom!

  3. Love your photos so far!! And your layout is fab!! Good luck with P365 - I hope you can make it to the end of the year!! :D

  4. Great week 1 layout! Keep up the good work! :D


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