Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Edit Me Challenge #13

Edit Me
I wanted to play along in this week's Edit Me Challenge. I enjoy editing photos. Not to get some weird artistic version (but if that is your thing, that is cool, too), but because I love trying to get the most out of every day photography. Not every one can be a professional photographer, but that does not mean you can not have great pics if you can learn a few Photoshop skills! So I love to play with mine and try to keep improving them!

Here is a look at the before picture that I downloaded:

I wanted to brighten up the picture but I also wanted to bring out the feel of coldness, by making the colors a bit cooler... I think it goes with the mittens and hats and gives you that outdoor cold weather feel! I also increased the contrast and tried to keep the browns, brown.

 I am happy with the end result. This would be a great picture to scrapbook digitally! Thanks for looking!


  1. very nice the colors in this look good. like how the kids stand out.

  2. Looks good! So glad you linked up this week!

  3. I always tend to try and warm up my photos, but you're so right. The winter wear does call for cooler colors--Nice work!

  4. Love the edit. It was cold. We were in the mountains to play in the snow. I like how you kept the feeling cooler.


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