Saturday, August 25, 2012

Edit Me Challenge

Here is my before and after of corn. I love fresh corn right off the cob! I took this pic for a recipe I am going to share on the blog next week, but sheesh I do not know now. After editing this pic I am still not happy with the quality of the photo. I think my editing improved it a lot, though! Any advice?

I edited it in Photoshop, I edited the exposure, the curves, the levels, high pass filtered it, basically I fiddled around with a bit of everything hehe.

Here is my before photo:

and my after photo:

I think the corn is too bright, maybe? Thoughts? Suggestions?



  1. great job! I'm no pro in photography, so I can't give a valuable opinion - I only rely on a feeling and I feel that I like it. :)

  2. Well personally, and this is just my opinion mind you, I think the corn looks great but I would crop it a bit to cut off the distracting corners at the top. Or you could do a vignette to hide those corners a bit


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