Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shoot, Edit, Submit

I love taking it pics and I love editing them as well to try and bring out the best in my photos. I did do away with my Photography blog so now I can play along once in awhile and do a meme here and there! I love it! This one is simply to share a photo you love. You can shoot, then edit then submit it or you can do a straight OOC shot. I am doing an edit. 
Here is my original photo. This is out new kitty, Gunther. He was lying in my scrap fabric box. He loves to cuddle up in there and hang out when I sew. Seriously how adorable is this?! I am not even sure how he fits much less seems to look comfy and put his little arm over his face... precious!
On the edit, I simply used a tried and true action from my4hens. This is called straight color and it is part of the color pop pretties collection. LOVE her actions they are truly amazing! 
*sigh* what a little sweetheart he is! He is going to the vet today for his first appt, so he will probably be getting a couple shots, wish him luck! I will give him lots of extra cuddles when he gets home, don't worry! 


  1. A very nice edit and a very sweet cat. I've been trying to convince Wade that Duke needs a kitty. No such luck so far though

    1. thanks, he really is such a sweetheart! <3


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