Saturday, September 29, 2012

10 Day YOU challenge, week 1

This sounds like a nice challenge, especially as I have been wanting to add a little more me to my blog, not just the stuff I do. :) So, the first challenge is ten secrets. This might actually take some serious thought as I am pretty much an open book.  I am not big on secrets. I feel like... if I do not want any one to know I am doing or saying something, I probably should not be doing or saying it in the first place. So, let's see what I can come up with, I am sure these are going to be more light hearted than any big revelations lol :

1. I absolutely love the smell of Tide with febreeze... it makes my laundry smell absolutely amazing and I will spend the stupid 15 bucks a bottle, when I go through 2 big bottles of it a week, just so my clothes can smell that good. On the other hand, I hate febreeze by itself and will not use it lol. 

2. If you are in my family this is not a secret but no one else would know... I am terrified of the dentist. No... not just scared. I mean I can not go for a cleaning. I can not take my kids to the dentist, if they have to go, their dad MUST take them. I can not even have a conversation about the dentist with out getting freaked out, and I am getting anxious and nervous right now just typing about it. Seriously one of the biggest anxiety triggers for me and makes me need Xanax every time, changing the subject before I need one now :(

3. I have three tattoos, and I plan on getting more. Eventually I would love to have a full sleeve but I am not sure the hubbs  could handle it. I have a peace sign on my hand that the hubbs did when we were 16. In Feb I got a swallow with the latin phrase Alis Volat Propris, which was prompted by my being able to finally have the strength and courage to distance my self from my toxic relationship with my mother, and the third is a heart made out of the letter of my hubbs' name. I am planning the next one :) 

4. I can take pain well, but piercings are not for me. I had my nose pierced this past year and the healing process was awful and I hate the nose pain, especially after it got caught on a towel after showering :( No more piercings for me... ever. I will stick to tats! lol 

5. I really, really ... like REALLY hate being told what to do! I can take advice from others, or hear other people's opinions, but if you tell me what to do... children, parents, husband... I will GO OFF on you. Don't do it and just mind your own damn business.

6. I have trouble saying NO! To my kids, a neighbor needing help, a class project, friends... I have trouble with the confrontation part of feeling awful denying someone the help they need so I usually just say yes no matter how much I hate it. I hate that.

7. I can not handle small talk. I do not do casal socializing well. I do not feel comfortable small talking with people. I would rather not make new friends, stick to my wall flower anti-social self and be alone than have to be in a casually social environment with people I do not know. Can not stand it and it makes me literally ill. 

8. I love gummy candy. Seriously, I know I am 37 but Swedish Fish are one of my favorite candies. I absolutely love the clear gummy bears. I always get Sour Patch Kids at the movies! I love gummy worms! I love the sour straws gummys. They are yummy yummy yummy. I am glad my 11 yr old still loves them so I have an excuse to buy them lol.

9. I love Spongebob! I am completely and totally unashamed! Love it! <3

10. I am honestly addicted to my laptop, the internet, and facebook. I can not start my day with out it and if the internet goes out I seriously get antsy and pissed off.  At least I know I am not the only one!

Right, so there are 10 sorta secret secrets about me! Next week is 9 loves. 



  1. I love Sponge Bob as well. So sweet, innocent, emotional.

    I find myself to be anti-social, too. However, once I get to know people, I can't shut up!!

  2. an interesting challenge. No way could I come up with 10 secrets

  3. I too love me some Sponge Bob and Phineas & Ferb.I rellay liked your secrets, I did 10 secrets also come check them out if you like. I just followed you I'm excited to explore your blog.

  4. Hi! I am stopping over from BlogLoveTherapy and the link-up for 10 Day You Challenge!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  5. This is a cute idea. I love tattoos and am currently planning my 4th too! I totally have trouble with small talk and sour patch watermelon candies are a huge weakness!

    Just stopping by to say hi! :)


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