Thursday, September 13, 2012

Edit Me Challenge

Edit Me

Well, I thought I would play around with this beautiful photo and participate in the Edit Me Challenge going on this week. :)

I love editing pics, as you know if you have been around awhile, and this is a beauty! Here is the original:

As I looked at what some of the other people had done to this photo I noticed that they all loved the colors of the sky and wanted to bring out the sky a bit. But when I look at this picture I see it a bit differently. To me, I see the people out there walking, having a private lovely moment on the beach together. I could see myself taking a pic like this of my family off in the distance and just watching them from behind. So I wanted to bring out the people and their togetherness more than the sky ... although it is a lovely sky. Here is my take on the photo:

I did not crop the photo at all... I liked the placement of everything and where the people ended up in the fram in addition to how the horizon was across the middle.

All I did was turn the photo into black and white with the monochromatic channel mixing layer adjustment in photo shop. I like the control that gives you over all the shades and how you can make certain colors darker or light in the b&w look. Then I upped both the brightness (to wash out the sky) and the contrast to give it a more dramatic feel. Then I used the Coffeeshop Lomo Action for drama and depth. I also lowered the opacity of the vignette layer in the Lomo Action results.

I really like how it turned out, but I realize most people would probably go for the bright sky look. Me? I love this one! <3



  1. Superb, marvellous and Splendid done!!!!

    This is my contribution

  2. I love the feel of this. It's different, in a good way. =)

  3. I loved seeing the picture through your eyes, you have brought a completely different feel to it! Awesome!

  4. Great job done here!
    My contribution:

  5. Love the totally different experience viewing your edit! Very creative.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! You've done the editing well.. bringing out the exposure.

  7. Very dramatic! I'm a fan! Thanks for editing and linking up!

  8. i think both versions look good.


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