Monday, September 10, 2012

Spider Web Bunting Tutorial

Well, it seems like for every holiday I love making felt buntings. I am not sure why but I really enjoy piecing them together and having such a cute litte array of things to hang on a wall, a table, a counter... they are really versatile and can go just about anywhere!

This project is not at all hard and not really instensive there are just a lot of pics cause I know when I am learning to do something I like to see everything! lol So, without further a do, my Spiderweb bunting tutorial!

10 sheets of craft felt in white
black ribbon for hanging
black tulle 
white ribbon for in between the webs
black gingham ribbon for in between the webs
black fabric paint
white glitter
black felt spider buttons
thread to sew buttons on
sewing machine (or thread and needle)

First you are going to determine the size of the circle you want and either trace something that size, like I did with the paper mache tree shape, or you can just cut out a circle template from card stock and trace that. You are going to trace and then cut out ten felt circles. Then have your paint and glitter handy for the next step.

You are going to draw a line from one side of the circle to the other side, in the middle, then turn it 90 degrees and do it again. Then twice more so that you achieve step 6, and have the circle almost evenly divided into 8. You do not need perfection here at all... I promise! Then you are just going to draw curved lines between each section, forming the threads of the web. Again, it even looks better if they do not all match... don't worry about perfection. :) 

And soon as you finish drawing each web you are going to sprinkle glitter over it and then shake off the excess (into a garbage can or what have you). Then you are going to let those dry, I was surprised how long it took for the tackyness to go away so I let mine dry overnight. You can then trace and cut ten more circles and have them ready for the next step :) 

Next you will put a plain white felt circle behind the webbed one and simply stitch them together. You do this just for the extra stability and it hangs nicer and will last much longer. Do not worry about exact evenness. The next step would be to trim the circle so they are even, things move around a little when sewing. Then you are going to take your little spider buttons (I used felt buttons that I got at JoAnns, but you could attach any kind of spiders you like really) and sew them onto the webs in a random order. Some of mine had 1, some had 2, and some had 3. I also made sure that I mixed up the sizes I used together.

Next you are going to simply sew the ribbon to the backs of the webs. This will create a line of sewing in the front of the web, but you really can't even see it. If however, you do not like that, you could use fabric glue and glue the ribbon on, or hand sew going through the back circle layer only. I measured so I would have approximately the same distance between each web as well. I put about 4.5 inches in between each. Next I cut some tulle and simply folded and then tied it onto the ribbon between each web. I also added the black gingham ribbon and white ribbon.  I ended up tying them in this order: Black gingham,, tulle, black gingham, tulle, white ribbon, tulle. 

Viola, then you are done! You can add more of course between webs if you like them super full; I was feeling the half full vibe on this one! lol 

I hope you like it and try it, it is easy and fun :) If you do, please come back and share I would love to see it! I will have a few more buntings and a couple of wreaths coming up for more Halloween goodies! 


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