Monday, October 1, 2012

Why Girls Shouldn't Play Football!

Ok, well, not ALL girls ... just MY girls! My poor Becca bear broke her thumb Thursday in school, during PE, playing football. It was, of course, a complete accident and I would not say she should never play football again, but my poor girl :(

I was on my way out the door Thursday afternoon with my eldest daughter and my dh when I got a phone call, that by the way I almost missed. I am so glad I did not. My baby was crying and calling from school. So we went to pick her up. Now, I was not sure what to expect because, well... she is a crier and when something happens she cries. But I saw her poor little face and knew we had to go get it checked out!

We took her to a walk-in that does X-rays and such and they took her x-ray. They came back and said that it looked broken (which made her cry all over again) and that it was a small spot, but that we needed to take her to the ortho.

The next morning, first thing, we took her in and sure enough ... broken thumb :( Awwww! Thankfully, since it is a small break she only needs to keep it immobilized in the brace and does not need a cast! Yay! That would have been awful and a bit of an overkill! So, now she will go back for X-rays again in two weeks to make sure it is better. She is feeling much better since the brace is on and keeping it in place steadily.

- Tanyia


  1. First time follower through the hop.

    I hope your daughter's thumb heals quickly.

    By the way, I loved your last post about scrapbooking, I also scrapbook and know how time consuming it can be, you certainly put a lot of work into your pages, I just love them, very creative!

  2. aw, poor girl. hope she heals quick


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