Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking

It has been a while since I have shared some of my layouts here so I thought I would pop in and share a few. Each image is linked to my gallery for full credit on products used. If you know me at all, you know I love talking about digi scrapping, so please, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

This one if aptly titled, "First Signs of Fall in Florida" which is a pumpkin spice latte lol. One of my favorite drinks and honestly, you can easily miss the start of Fall here so this is a good sign that things are going to change, hopefully soon, and that Fall SHOULD be on its way! lol

 All of my beautiful family <3 I used the lyrics to a song here as it is one that really reflects how I feel about them. I love using lyrics as a way to get some of my feelings across, much more eloquent sometimes that what I can think up!

This is my hubby and my youngest, Becca. They are a bunch of nerds lol. They love watching the old TV show "Lost in Space" together. Even though it is an old one and in B&W, they are both in love with it and with watching it together. How cute is that?

My eldest daughter ... the title says it all. She is most definitely more than just what you see, and she is an inspiring and amazing young woman that I am proud to know.

My eldest again :) I kinda sorta love her, can you tell?

That is all from me for today! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! I can not wait to come and share tomorrow for WIP Wednesday, I actually made a bit of progress in the last week lol! Woohoo!

- Tanyia

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  1. Browsing through your scrapbook layouts, these are awesome!!! Where can I find your project life?


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