Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's the Little Things

I know, it is incredibly cliche and even a little bit cheesy... but honestly, it truly is the little things, the little gestures in life that get me every time and mean the most to me. Every. Time.

This adorable flower, dubbed a Swamp Lily, was given to me by my husband as we were walking back to the car after a day alone, fishing. Just he and I. Nature. Quiet. No kids. It was a wonderful day, even if I did get so sunburned I think my eyeballs were kidding lol. He saw it and said when he was little he and his brothers used to call them Swamp Lilies, and he gave me a peck on the cheek and told me he loved me.

My husband... big manly, macho man that he is, stopped and picked me a flower and told me he loved me and made me feel so special. After 15 years... he still gives me butterflies. I really do not think he even knows just how special he made me feel.

It did, however, get me thinking. How often have I done some thing like that for him lately. I mean, really ... he works so hard, he has never failed me, our children, has always provided for us and loved us unconditionally. I think he needs a little extra show of love as well.

So, I encourage you today to just remember the last time someone did something little, but significant for you. Then, take those warm and fuzzy feelings and turn em around and share them by doing a little something for someone you love. Little kids love this too btw... not just grown ups :) You would be surprised how special a flower makes a kid feel <3

Yep, I am getting mushy and sharing the love today. I also did something special for my husband today. I cleaned the garage. Sounds dumb, but he hated the mess and has been so exhausted and too overwhelmed to deal with it, so the girls and I got out there and cleaned it. I can not wait for him to come home and be surprised by it :) I love my man!

Have a wonderful, happy, and love filled Sunday. I will be back to my snarky self tomorrow I am sure.


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