Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Cara Box Reveal!

Cara Box

I apologize for having two posts in one day, however I wanted to shout out that today is the only day left to sign up for the Cara Box Swap for July, I just found out this morning, and I am so glad I did not miss it! Especially since it is a nautical theme!!! :) EEEeek! Also I need to share my reveal in order to qualify to do it again, so forgive me for posting twice today, this was supposed to come out tomorrow originally!

I sent my box to a really sweet lady named Amber. She blogs over at Stark Raving Creative...which by the way is a super cute blog name! She has not posted her reveal just yet, the linky just opened recently, but when she does I will be sure and share! She said she loved her box and that is what matters! <3 I enjoyed getting to know her a bit this month.

My other partner was Jen of Life with a side of love. She sent me a box that was so much fun, I really loved it. Well... ok so my daughter may have loved it even more than I did lol. She went a bit nutso over the stuff honestly, there may have been some fighting about how this was MOMMY'S candy! lol But it was great, look:

In the box, hehe:

 and out of the box ... can you tell I was having fun with this.... picture my 11 yr old just off to the side whining cause I am taking too long because she is dying to eat that cotton candy! lol

Can I just say that I LOVE sour patch kids! Seriously...yummy, my go to movie candy, every time! Plus those little thingys just to the left of the adorable popcorn holders... those are hot dog holders! Just like the paper ones but these are plastic! OMG I can not wait to use them, how cute and I have never seen them anywhere before! 

 Also...that little bee is a cell phone holder... have not seen it (other than in dd's pocket) since the box arrived! My daughter is so in love with it.... see those glowy bracelets... my daughter wore them to her doctor's appt. Yep. I am that mom! lol

And that popsicle bottle opened is too frickin cute! I need to buy bottles now just so I can use it! lol Jen sent me a super sweet ... literally lol, box and I am so glad I got to know her just a bit this month. She sent me a lovely little note as well, she is a great lady! I am really looking forward to next month's boxes.

Also next month I will remember to take pics of my box too...duh! lol

- Tanyia


  1. hahaha...looks like she went to town with you guys. Your poor daughter. ;)

  2. Omgsh, your box looks amazing! Gosh the candy got makes me want to go out and buy some for myself lol I hope you have a great day:)

  3. Thank you for posting this, it looks so fun, I have signed up, but since I live in Greece I doubt anyone else will, but keeping my fingers crossed I love the nautical theme and just made an anchor quilt.

    1. Hi Mara, I signed up too and live in Austria, last month i didnt got a partner but with you joining now, Im sure we can join in the fun.

  4. Your box is awesome. Loooove those hot dog holders.

    And... as we've established, I'm a sucker for cotton candy every time!

  5. WOW! You made out like a bandit! I love that your kiddo was able to enjoy it with you! PS. is that ice cream cone what I think it is? Does the top shoot off, attached to a string? I had something SO similar to that when I was little!

  6. Oh my gosh, you got such a cute box, too! That Popsicle bottle opener is amazing and I love anything that glows :)

  7. so many wonderful goodies hun, bad i couldnt join in the fun

  8. Looks like Jen did a good job! All of that looks so yummy!

  9. Awesome box! Good for you! She did a great job with the theme. Love the cotton candy!

  10. How cute... love that she fit the theme! xo

  11. Nice post and your box looks awesome. I know your pain of sharing your hubby is all over it!!!


  12. She did an amazing job on your box. It all looks like so much fun. Enjoy.

  13. I enjoyed participating too and will definitely join in again! It's fun to discover new bloggers too. Have a great week!

  14. looks like an awesome box! & i have to agree about that bottle opener... so so cute!

  15. Fun! I love all the little goodies you got! What is that ice cream cone? I can't figure it out!

    Thanks for my awesome box. You did great with the theme; every item will be put to use!

  16. So fun! You got a great box, all those treats!


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