Monday, June 10, 2013

Sanford, Florida Farmer's Market

I love little Farmer's Markets, and I love the historic downtown areas they seem to be in around these parts. I know that in other parts of the country there are beautiful, lovely historic parts everywhere. However, in Florida it seems more and more that things need to be bigger, faster, stronger, newer. I have a special love for old buildings. They make my heart sigh in happiness, they make me smile, I stop and appreciate the beauty and can just imagine all that building has seen in its life.

It just seems to me that people cared a whole lot more about the little details, the beauty, the overall look of everything together and placed next to each other...they just seemed to take more pride in their things than all the big ole strip malls being slapped up everywhere these days.Maybe I am just a nostalgic moron lol... could be!

We did have a lovely walk through, though. It was not very big, but what they had was locally grown, very fresh, and really beautiful! The sun was shining making all the colors so vibrant! Of course they had a kettle corn guy too and my dh just HAD to get kettle know, it's corn, so it's healthy, of course! It was yummy and smelled so good! My goodness.

We bought a bunch of cukes to make pickles with.. only to find out later no one around here sells pickling packets, or pickling spices, so I need to look for a different recipe where I make my own so I can use these beauties up, they were only 4 for a dollar and so big and yummy looking!

What did you do this weekend? I would love to hear about it, if you blogged about it leave me the link so I can visit!


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  1. I saw this post come up in my reader and wondered who it
    All those fresh vegies look so good


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